Halal food complies with Islamic Law or Shariah. Halal stipulates that food consumed must be:

  • Hygienic.
  • Not harmful to health.
  • Free from any parts of animal origin that is forbidden by the shariah.
  • Free from anything regarded as 'filth' (najis) under Islamic law.

In addition, meat products must be derived from animals that are permissible and slaughtered according to Islamic Law.

Internal Controls

To ensure that all our products conform to Halal requirements, apart from obtaining Halal Certificate for its operational premises, we operate stringent internal controls over raw materials procurement, handling, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and utensils.

Halal Status

When selecting halal meat suppliers, we only consider those that hold a Halal certificate from JAKIM, or any Halal authorization bodies from overseas, which are recognized by JAKIM. Non-Halal items are prohibited from being brought into our premises. The cleanliness and sanitation of our restaurant, kitchen and equipment is our utmost imperative. At least two Muslim employees are stationed in the kitchen at all times.